01/29/2019 By Laws Revision

By-Laws for Fleet 31

( Voted on and passed by Fleet 31 command council on Jan. 29, 2019. )

1. Organization name and purpose: The organization shall be known as “Fleet 31”.  The purpose of the organization shall be to promote and support the fandom of the Star Trek series of entertainment media and to engage in educational and service projects at the Fleet and chapter level to support that purpose.

2. Membership in organization: Membership shall be open to any person who supports the mission of the organization and chooses to participate in that mission at the Fleet or local level by actively joining a local chapter of the organization.. 

3. Governance of the organization: The organization shall be governed by two executive bodies.

        a) The Command Council shall consist of all local chapter chairs (Commanding Officers) and vice-chairs (Executive Officers). Votes by this group will be done by chapter (ship), with each chapter having one vote.  This Command Council will have the duty of giving executive guidance to the Fleet on all issues, effectively acting as a Board of Directors.  The Command Council will be chaired by the Fleet Commander, who will not have a vote in any matter unless the final vote is tied.  The Deputy Fleet Commander will also be an ex-officio member of this Council, acting in place of the Fleet Commander in their absence.  The Command Council will meet at least six times a year to conduct business, including one annual business meeting for election of officers and voting on any changes in by-laws.

        b) The Executive Council shall consist of the Fleet Commander, Deputy Fleet Commander, and all Sector Commanders and Sector Deputy Commanders.  This Council will have the day to day responsibility of running the Fleet as well as any duties assigned to them by the Command Council.  The Executive Council is also empowered to act in case of emergency, with such actions open to review by the Command Council at that group’s next regularly scheduled meeting.  Normal duties of the Executive Council will include:

– Overseeing the social media/web presence of the Fleet and offering assistance to chapters as requested

– Giving overall direction and guidance in the areas of promoting the Fleet at local and regional conventions, and offering assistance to local chapters as requested

– Recommending a Fleet Awards structure to recognize worthy individuals and chapters in the Fleet, and once adopted by the Command Council awarding these to individuals and groups who meet the requirements.

– Periodically reviewing and suggesting revisions to our Governing Documents, and offering these for approval by the Command Council

– Developing educational and recruiting material that can be used by the local chapters to attract and retain active members

– Promoting opportunities for service for our local chapters, and offering recommendations for fleet-wide service opportunities to the Command Council for their consideration

– Promoting the fun of fandom in the Star Trek universe by a variety of means, including Fleet 31 logo items as approved by the Command Council.

4. Chair of Organization: The Fleet Commander will act as chair of the organization and shall be empowered to call and oversee all regular and special meetings of the Executive Council.  They will also oversee all regular meetings of the Command Council.  The Fleet Commander will be elected to a two year term by the Command Council.

5. Vice-Chair of Organization:  The Deputy Fleet Commander will take over the duties of the Fleet Commander in their absence, and perform any other duties assigned by the Command Council.  The Deputy Fleet Commander shall be selected by the Fleet Commander and the Command Council will vote to ratify the selection.

6. Sector Commanders and Deputy Sector Commanders: The Sector Commander and Deputy Sector Commander will be elected to serve a two year term by the ships in their sector. The Sector Commander will work as a liaison between commanding officers in their sectors and the Command & Executive Council.  They shall act to aid communication to and education of the local members, and to help local chapters become more active.

7. Actions by the Command Council:  The Fleet Commander may request a special meeting of the Command Council, or a special meeting may be called by any member of the Command Council if agreed to by ⅔ of the current chapters represented on the Council.  Otherwise the Command Council will schedule regular monthly meetings to be held by electronic means.

Votes taken by the Command Council will be resolved by a simple majority of the quorum of Council membership.  A quorum shall consist of ⅔ of the current chapters represented on the Council.

The Fleet Staff Group (formerly Executive Council) will meet at the request of the Fleet Commander.  To discuss situations as they arise. They will work together on creating a new rule modification and take the suggested rule back to the command council for a vote.

8. Local Chapters – Local chapters may be formed by three members residing in a locality.  The Executive Council will review the application and insure that the applying chapter is aware of all requirements and responsibilities, and has leadership in place to carry them out.  They will then make a recommendation to the Command Council, and the Command Council will act on that recommendation.  

If a chapter’s application is accepted they will be given “Dry Dock” status for their first six months, and will work with their Sector Leadership Team who will mentor them as they seek new members.  

Upon enrollment of five active members and completion of the six month dry dock period, the chapter will become a fully authorized chapter (ship) and will be required to choose a name and be given a hull number by the Executive Council.  They will also develop a logo/heraldry under the guidance of the Executive Council.  At this time their CO and XO will become members of the Command Council.

9. Financial – As of the writing of these by-laws Fleet 31 is not a registered non profit organization.  The organization does not have any mechanism to receive or account for funds.  No chapter may officially raise funds for their own use under the Fleet 31 name.  This does not preclude the membership from “passing the hat” to gather money for a group activity on a local level, or raising money on behalf of another non-profit organization.  

10. Adoption and Amending By-Laws – Once in final form these By-Laws will be presented to the Command Council for final approval.  In order to adopt these By Laws there must be a ⅔ affirmative vote of the current local chapters. The vote will be held open for no longer than 7 business days.  If the requisite number of affirmative votes is not received in that time the by-laws will not be adopted.

Amendments must be presented to the Law and Regulations Committee by a local chapter or chapters.  The Law and Regulations Committee will work with the submitter(s) to insure the amendment is properly formatted, and the present it to the Command Council for discussion and approval. The proposed amendment shall then be submitted to the Command Council and distributed to all Council members.  Once distributed there shall be a period of at least 7 but no longer than 10 business days for discussion, after which a vote shall be taken. To accept the amendment ⅔ of the current local chapters must vote in the affirmative. The vote will be held open for no longer than 7 business days.  If the requisite number of affirmative votes is not received in that time the amendment will not be adopted.

11. Intention to Incorporate as a Non-Profit – It is the express intention of the leadership and membership of the organization to seek non-profit status at the earliest convenience. Upon adoption of these By Laws the Executive Council will be authorized to proceed with the incorporation process and present the proposal and appropriate paperwork to the Command Council for approval no later than one year after the date of adoption.