Fleet 31

Welcome to the new…

You see this? This is you. I’m serious! Right here, life is about to form on this planet for the very first time. A group of amino acids are about to combine to form the first protein. The building blocks [laughs] of what you call “life.” Strange, isn’t it? Everything you know, your entire civilization, it all begins right here in this little pond of goo. Appropriate somehow, isn’t it? Too bad you didn’t bring your microscope; it’s really quite fascinating. Oh, look! There they go. The amino-acids are moving closer, and closer, and closer.”
– Q, “All Good Things” (TNG S7E25-26)

Welcome to the new Fleet 31 blog. This is where we’ll be posting about news and events of the Fleet, as well as updates on running projects, from costumes and props to charities and fundraisers. Contributions will be made by local captains and other field experts, so check back from time to time for the latest!