Fleet 31

Fleet Dinner II: The Wrath of Dinner

The original intent of the Fleet Dinner back in January was to make a few key announcements to formalize the goals of Fleet 31 going forward. We had originally thought about possibly having another dinner in July just for fun, but our growth has been so explosive that we’ve gone ahead and scheduled it for June 22.

So of course, where are we having this dinner? IHOP, naturally! After spending a few hours looking for a location that had relatively low prices, with food for everyone’s tastes, and both a party room and parking enough to accommodate such a huge party, we came to the realization that our old standby was the answer. As often as some of us eat there before and/or after conventions, it should have been obvious to us from the start!

We have a figurative ton of announcements to make this time, which is still amazing to me considering we had everything completely covered at the last dinner just five months ago! We’ve had several ship commissions, and a whole slew of major promotions to acknowledge, and we’ve already got upward of 30 crew and family RSVP’d for the event as of this writing.

Formalities have never really been my thing, but I can honestly say I am downright excited for this one.

Adm. Cam Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
USS Summoner