Fleet 31

Fleet Dinner II – Wrap-up

Fleet Dinner II
Wow. I don’t even know where else to start with this one. Thirty-three people showed up for the festivities at IHOP last night, and we had ourselves a right good party. A special thanks to that IHOP and its employees for the service and the patience, as well as Brendon Bradley, who arranged the event and put in a good amount of work during the event.

There were kind of a ridiculous number of announcements made, but we managed to fit them all in between the placing of orders and the arrival of the food. I had originally hoped to have a more or less formal ceremony for the promotions, etc., but the lighthearted mood of the evening made it clear that the only thing to do was have fun, so that’s exactly what we did. The video will be up on YouTube soon, and will be linked back through this post when it becomes available, but in the meantime, here’s a complete list (not all of these were announced at the dinner):

Cadet Acceptance: Reese Kirkham – First official Cadet of Fleet 31!

USS Summoner Promotions:
Kevin L. Martin, Captain (Commanding Officer)
Stephanie Meyer, Commander (First Officer)
Brendon Bradley, Lieutenant Commander (Chief Operations Officer)

USS Constancy Promotions:
Andrew Baker, Captain (Commanding Officer)
Jared R. Salomone, Commander (First Officer)

USS Veracity Promotion:
Michael A. Malomay, Captain (Commanding Officer)

Ship commission: USS Covenant, NCC-78667 (San Marcos, TX)
Promotion: Lindsay Tilley, Captain

Personnel transfers, Transcendent to Summoner:
Zander Price, Lieutenant Commander (Chief Engineer)
Redux Chen, Lieutenant Commander (Chief Science Officer)

And we had a brief announcement from Capt. Erica Kenney of the USS Transcendent with a more personal note. She will be departing the Dallas/Fort Worth area in just over a month to embark on a new journey toward a Ph.D. in Boston, and the Transcendent will be going with her. We wish her luck on her Five Year Mission.

We’ve had a lot of change in the last five months since the last Fleet Dinner – our membership has more than doubled, and we’ve gone from two ships in one city to six ships, each with its own city, and three more cities almost ready to commission their own ships. In all honesty, it’s hard to imagine where we’ll be by this time next year, but I’d be lying if I said I weren’t feeling a bit optimistic about our outlook, because we don’t just move forward…

We Boldly Go.

Adm. Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
Fleet 31