Ship Commission: USS Volta (NCC-74136)

Attention Fleet 31 crew of Windsor, Ontario!

The Intrepid-class starship USS Volta (NCC-74136) has been commissioned for the Windsor area, to be run by Captain Patrick Faraci.

This is the first ship of Fleet 31 to reach commission in Canada!

All Windsor crew, please report to Captain Faraci unless otherwise instructed.

Thank you.

Adm. Cam Wilkinson
Commanding Officer, Fleet 31

3 thoughts on “Ship Commission: USS Volta (NCC-74136)”

  1. We’re glad to be here Commander!
    One day, my good friend and I searched the internet, found the Fleet.
    I joined on Facebook, spoke to Admiral Wilkinson, and Voila! Here we are!
    Thanks for the congratulations and warm welcome.
    Like I said. We’re glad to be a part of this awesome team!

  2. Guys, this thing has exploded to the point where we’re actually working on some amazing things! Pretty soon, you’ll see all that we’re working on 😀

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