Fleet 31

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Every now and then I am presented with a fantastic opportunity for the fleet, and over the last year, those opportunities have become bigger and more important to us as an organization. It has been an amazing year for us, and we have expanded at an incredible pace, to a point where I can no longer manage all of these opportunities on my own.

To that end, I have received approval from the Fleet 31 Command Council to appoint two additional Admirals. It is my great honor to announce the promotions of Darman Ellison and Julia DuPree to the rank of Rear Admiral Lower Half (RDML). Admiral Ellison will now serve as First Officer of Fleet 31; Admiral DuPree will serve as Commander, International Development. The Command Council has additionally voted to promote me to the rank of Rear Admiral Upper Half (RADM) to maintain the continuity and intuitive nature of the fleet’s command structure. In addition, RDML Ellison has chosen his first officer, Jen Angel, to take command of the USS Allegiant, promoting her to the rank of Captain.

It is my sincere hope that together we will be able to achieve even greater things in the upcoming year, and I’m not just talking about three admirals. I am incredibly proud of what this organization has become, and the direction we are all taking together as a family.

RADM Cam Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
Fleet 31