As of zero hundred hours yesterday, Admiral Wilkinson, Fleet Commander, has placed himself on indefinite leave of absence. In his absence, General Jaq’Qib Phoenix has been named Fleet Commander pro tempore.

We fully expect this to be temporary, and wish Admiral Wilkinson well during his leave. In the interim, it is our hope that everyone in the Fleet will do their part to ensure a smooth transition. We have been doing excellent work growing the Fleet and helping our communities in the last year, and there’s no reason why that should change.

We ask that you respect Admiral Wilkinson’s privacy during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, you may feel free to address them to BGEN Phoenix, Admiral Kevin Martin, or Captain Ed O’Connell.

Cor clavis victoriae!

Ship Commission: USS Donald Dailey (NCC-85039)

Attention Fleet 31 crew of Tampa, Florida!

It is hereby ordered that USS Perses (NCC-75039) return to drydock to be decommissioned. In its place, the Majestic-class starship USS Donald Dailey (NCC-85039) has been commissioned for the Tampa area, to be run by Captain Greg Jasmin, Jr.

All Tampa area crew, please report to Captain Jasmin unless otherwise instructed.

Thank you.

Captain Edward T O’Connell
Sector Commander, USA-East