Walk For Wishes 2013

We had a grand time at the Walk For Wishes in Irving yesterday, with 11 crew showing up (with 9 in uniform!) to help raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The walk was invigorating, the weather beautiful, the company exquisite.

Also, Grubbs Infiniti was donating $20 for every person driving or riding in one of their show cars, so we piled in to bring in some more cash. They actually let me drive a convertible. Probably not the smartest idea on their part, but it was fun!

With all the food and drink flowing from every direction (including our new friends at My Cupcake Garden!), it’s easy to forget that these events aren’t actually just about having fun. The money from today’s event will go toward granting the wishes of children with terminal illnesses, and if that doesn’t give you an “aww” moment, you might be a Vulcan.

As always, we had a great time with friends new and old, and we hope to see you at the next event!

Capt. Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
USS Summoner

Hitting the Target

If you’re tired of hearing how much fun we’re having, and more importantly, tired of not being a part of it, maybe you should head over to our how to join page.

Yesterday was the Texas Lottery’s big attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most costumed Star Trek fans in one room or something like that. Overall, it was a pretty abismal attempt. Despite advertising on every radio station and a few billboards (not to mention web adverts) that William Shatner would be on hand and signing autographs – and many of the writings indicated the autographs would be free – only 561 of us showed up at the Dallas Convention Center to be counted. Even worse, Shat only stuck around long enough to give a three minute speech and sign autographs for the five VIP contest winners before beaming out.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time at the event, but it wasn’t because of the Texas Lottery, and it certainly wasn’t thanks to Shatner. We met some really cool people yesterday, including a few promising recruits (woohoo!), and spread the word of our involvement in the Walk For Wishes next Saturday (more details here).

Even better, a handful of us went to Main Event in Lewisville to join the USS Navras in “tactical exercises” yesterday evening. We hadn’t heard at the time that the USS Navras had cancelled the event, but with the appearance of a few of the day’s recruits, we had ourselves a grand ol’ time.

And in keeping with our mission to provide a better online knowledge resource for Trek knowledge, work has continued on the Memory Core with completion of articles on the captain’s vest from Star Trek: First Contact, as well as variations of the Monster Grays, and more to come. Want us to add more knowledge to the Memory Core? Tell us what you’d like to see!

Capt. Cam Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
USS Summoner

All-Con 2013



All-Con is a great convention held in Dallas every year in March. It’s a bit different from most Sci-Fi and Comic Cons. It’s a smaller venue than some of the more prominent ones. Without question, the greatest feature of this convention is always the community. For many who attend, All-Con is one big weekend-long family reunion. Back in 2007, All-Con was my first convention, so I was very excited about returning this year.

Saturday was the busiest day of the convention where most of the incredible artisans, cosplayers, and other enthusiastic and talented folks have the opportunity to share their passion through panels, competitions, and other events. Fleet 31’s Lizzie Lynch, who is a talented makeup artist, presented an excellent panel about sci-fi, cosplay, and special effects makeup. Lt. Commander Zander Price and his lovely wife Moogle had a booth running the whole weekend where they sold hand crafted bead artwork. Also, several members attended an enormously fun session of Star Trek Jeopardy.  The end of the day was filled with some of the best photoshoot experiences we’ve had yet, so stay tuned for updates as the best of these pictures come through.

All-in-all, it was an absolutely fantastic weekend full of unforgettable memories and lifelong friends.  Here’s looking forward to another great one next year!

Capt. Erica Kenney

Sci-Fi Expo 2013

Phasers for everyone!
Phasers for everyone!

This past weekend Fleet 31 attended Dallas Comic Con’s annual Sci-Fi Expo at the Irving Convention Center.  Some of the crew have attended this convention for years, and it’s always a weekend well spent. This year, the Star Trek guest of honor was Avery Brooks, the great Benjamin Sisko himself.

In addition to meeting Mr. Brooks and other renowned sci-fi actors (including Edward James Olmos and Christopher Lloyd), we made some great new friends. The officers and crew of Fleet 31 extend a warm welcome to all of the new recruits we met this weekend, and we look forward seeing them join us in future events and adventures.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the event and helped make this another great convention weekend!

Capt. Erica Kenney

A great time was had by all.

IKV Melota Charity Ball

This past Saturday, January 26th, we attended an Annual Charity Ball hosted by the local Klingon group IKV Melota. The event was a gathering of Star Trek fans who came together to have fun and most importantly, give back to the community by supporting a great charity. The beneficiary was SafeHaven of Tarrant County, an agency that works to prevent domestic violence and help victims rebuild and recover their lives. It’s truly a wonderful organization. More information about SafeHaven can be found at their website, at http://www.safehaventc.org/

A Star Trek collector donated her entire collection of memorabilia for the event, so these items were auctioned and raffled away to guests with all the money going directly to SafeHaven. Fleet 31 acquired some cool Star Trek items and supported a great cause in the process. Additionally, each guest donated 5lbs of food to the shelter – reaching a total of over 600lbs. Overall, the event was very successful. Many thanks go out to the IKV Melota for hosting it. Qapla!

But the away team’s mission was still not over. Following the charity event we set course for a local bowling alley for a very different kind of ball. We played a few games and had an absolute blast! It was a foggy night, so that only meant one thing: there’s coffee in that nebula. To close out the great night of festivities, we went to IHOP for food, friendship, and coffee.

Until next time!

Capt. Erica Kenney

Dinner and War Games 2013

The First Annual Fleet 31 Dinner and War Games took place last Friday, Jan. 11, 2013. After about 3 years as a loosely associated social group, we’re retasking the fleet to serve as something much greater. We’ll be focusing on more community outreach now, from charities and fundraisers to community service days. That said, we still have high priorities on making quality uniforms and props more affordable, but those announcements will come later.

The event consisted of a mostly casual dinner at Applebee’s in Carrollton, filled with thoughtful chatter and philosophical banter, followed by a few group photos and migration to Main Event in Plano for a few rounds of laser tag.

For outstanding and continuing time, effort, and skill rendered for the good of the fleet, Zander Price (Chief Engineer) and Redux Chen (Chief Science Officer), both from the USS Transcendent, have each been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, with all the rights and privileges afforded by that rank.

Thanks to everyone who made the event a success, and I hope to see you all again soon!

Capt. Cam Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
USS Summoner