Star Trek Las Vegas 2015 Report

Star Trek Las Vegas (STLV)  2015 Report

Veracity_logoby Captain Michael Malomay

Fleet 31 Western Sector Commander

Commanding Officer Seattle Fleet 31 Chapter USS Veracity

(All Pictures Courtesy of Captain Michael Malomay and Veracity Ships Counselor Karen Malomay)

Star Trek Las Vegas is an annual 4-day pilgrimage, Thursday to Sunday, for thousands of Trek fans, young and old. Our Seattle based Fleet 31 ship USS CaptMal_CounselorVeracity were represented at this year’s convention, which included myself, Counselor Karen Malomay, Michele Celich-Tactical Officer, Cadet Cole Malomay, and USS Syber Capt Scot Sterling CO, Andy Lutz XO, Noel Lee Verlarde CMO as well as personnel from Starbase PortlandJay Galloway, Jamie Snyder, and Michelle Wells.

There were notable absentees this year including Leonard Nimoy and Grace Lee WhitneySpock and Yeoman Rand respectively and with respect.

Fleet_BannerSTLVWe met up with additional Fleet 31 personnel for a photo-op premiering our Fleet 31, USS Veracity, and UFP banners by the StarFleet symbol at the main entrance.

There were props for photo-ops The Guardian of Forever, transporter pad, Borg alcove and TOS bridge. We attended screenings of both Star Trek: Renegades and Star Trek Continues “The White Iris” episode. Veracity_Captain_Guardian

We also had a chance to present Vic Mignogna (Kirk) and Michele Specht (Doctor McKenna) of Star Trek Continues with Honorary Fleet 31 Ambassador certificates and a Fleet 31 commbadge. (A full report is forthcoming)

The panels were tremendous- especially the Voyager panel, TNG, and the DS9 Rat Pack show, where the DS9 alumni do Las Vegas-inspired musical parodies full of DS9 references.

Star Trek Continues Presented with honorary Fleet memberships
Star Trek Continues Presented with Honorary Fleet memberships

We had numerous inquiries about our uniforms and noticed half a dozen people take pictures of our banners so it wouldn’t surprise me if we get some new member requests. This year seemed to be confusing and disorganized don’t know if that was more me or the convention. I know how expensive conventions are with airfare, hotel, tickets, food, so I know it takes planning and saving money but this convention is one of the biggest in Star Trek fandom. If at all possible find a way to get to Las Vegas.

Counselor_Beracity_BorgThere were cosplayers galore this year Borg, Vulcan, Capt Pike, Ferengi, Andorians all were represented. My wife, son and I were Ferengi and Redshirts this year with some surprises next year.

Captain Michael A Malomay, USS Veracity, CO, sends

Wizard World Austin Comic Con 2013

Fleet 31 was determined to make a showing at Austin Comic Con this year, even though we weren’t able to get many people to the convention center. Fortunately, I still had Lt. Ashly and Cadet Hardy with me to help out. I must admit, it was a pleasant experience. Overall, the people were nice and friendly. There were moments in which it got a little busy, but as long as we were all there it was handled nicely.

There were a lot of booths and variety of items that could be bought, and a variety of fan booths for all to see. The Con had a lot of gaming, such as the Zombie Zone, and cosplayers were in abundance. On Sunday, we even had the Mario Brothers dancing to Gangnam Style! I even got to enjoy playing Artemis with Fleet Captain McFadin of the USS Zavala, and when it turned out the table between Fleet 31 and the Zavala went unclaimed by its fan group, we assimilated it, splitting it down the middle.

Not only did I meet people that were visiting Austin for the con, but I had quite a bit of luck networking with vendors on behalf of the fleet. Getting the word out about who we are and what we do is very important, but it’s also just plain fun.

At our table, we raised $140 for the Austin Children’s Shelter by selling glow-in-the-dark Star Trek: Into Darkness posters and raffling off a Reman Viceroy action figure. It really means a lot to me to help others, so I’m proud that we can do things like this as a group.

I can honestly say I would do this again if given the opportunity. It has taught me a great deal about how to promote a group about something you love and to also give to others. It makes me even more proud to be a part of this Fleet knowing I am part of something that means more to others than myself.
I want to thank everyone involved for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this.

Lt. Bill Milligan
USS Constancy

IKV Melota Bat’leth Tournament 2013

The IKV Melota held its 15th Bat’leth Tournament last weekend and wow, what a tournament it was! This event had our biggest turnout since moving to public property. We had 18 combatants, and 32 total attendees for which I can account (I may have missed some in the counting), only one of whom dropped out because of injury.

In addition to members of the IKV Melota, we had the following guests:
IKV Houston*** (non-combatant)
Fleet 31 (combatants)
IKV Bayou Serpent (combatants)
Bynars (combatants)
USS Trinity River (non-combatant)
Amtgard (combatant)
Mundanes (non-combatants)
Mundanes (combatants, whose honor is their own)

FRESH MEAT! Lots of first-time-in-the-Ring combatants:
Fleet 31 fielded Admiral Cam Wilkinson himself, along with Lt. Lizzie Lynch and Lt.Cmdr. Redux Chen. Kai! First time at Tournament and they bring three Warriors into the Ring. They have been working hard at the bat’leth practices during the summer getting ready for this. Admiral Wilkinson even designed his own bat’leth and it fared quite well.

With more than these as new Warriors, a whole new dynamic occurred – we were not always fighting the same Warriors we know all too well. All of the new Warriors were young. Most were fast and light, all were fast. No more lumbering amongst the aging dinosaurs! This Tournament brought out the best of tactics, styles, and tricks.

What do you call a tradition that is outside of your control? For some reason, there is a tradition that mek’leth is always taken by a guest, when we have a guest Warrior. Is it tradition because it always happens? We don’t plan it to happen. It just does. This time Admiral Wilkinson took the Mek’leth Trophy.

Both of our kids faced each other for d’k tahg. That was quite an exciting battle, but in the end Caraneth took the Trophy. Even though Avalona did not win a single weapon, she placed so highly in all divisions that she took Show.

So, here is the score:
1st: Dr. Gizmo
2nd: Adm. Wilkinson
1st: Adm. Wilkinson
2nd: Dr. Gizmo
D’k tahg:
1st: Caraneth
2nd: Avalona
Win (1st): Dr. Gizmo
Place (2nd): Adm. Wilkinson
Show (3rd): Avalona

Except for the incredibly dangerous Dr. Gizmo, all of the other slots were the young Warriors.

There were non-combatant games and a pinata:
The USS Joshua’s Kobayashi Maru was modified to become a game of walking (on boards in teams) around the cul de sac collecting objects and stealing them from your competitors. Lt. Chuck was hefted and insulted for the XO toss. Trivia is a traditional item almost to the point of being required.

Ceremonies were held at dusk, as is our way. The Bloodwine was dipped, the Death Howl rocked the lake, awards were given, and one special promotion was made***.

Thanks to Mrs. Gizmo for handling the scoring and the Saturday lunch. That made a difference. A special thanks to Admiral Wilkinson and Caleb for their assistance in the setup, tear down, and packing that we all face in making this event happen.

Now, the Special *** part! Most important to the IKV Melota and me personally, we had a Houston area person make the drive. She has another KAG recruit that could not come. With the prior Houston person this makes three: the nucleus of what I have referred to for years as Project: IKV Houston. We tapped Qalara as the ensign of the IKV Houston, and she was serious about participation, bringing cool stuff to share. We now have the beginnings of at least an Outpost in Houston. Ensign Qalara, Admiral Wilkinson, and the Melota were discussing having cross pollination events in Houston to have a greater impact.

It was a good weekend.

Captain Salek, Zantai
IKV Melota, Klingon Assault Group
Guest Contributor

Star Trek Seattle 2013

Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Seattle 2013 was a great con, but far from the dazzling theater of Vegas. The DS9 convention in Vegas was full of bright lights, acrobats, showgirls, you name it! The convention in Seattle, however, was much more laid back which allowed for an intimate experience that made many of the guests more approachable. So, while this convention was much smaller in scale than the one we were able to attend in Vegas this year, it never for a moment lacked passion.

The guest list was not as extensive as the event in Las Vegas this year. Still, it had a wonderful line-up that included William Shatner, Gates Mcfadden, Denise Crosby, JG Hertzler, Aron Eisenberg, John Paladin, and many more! We were covered from ground-breakers, to treasured faces, to those who worked hard behind the scenes to bring our favorite episodes and alien species to life. At one point we were happy to be present for a small comedy put on by three Klingons and two Ferengi, followed by a Q&A session for which they stayed in character! Laughs and rowdiness abounded and ended with audience participation in the ever triumphant SuvwI’ van bom (The Klingon Warriors Anthem)!

Another difference between STC and STLV was the number of cosplayers. Seattle did not have near as many, but when has that ever stopped us? Exactly! The majority of Star Trek costumes were inspired by the latest movies, but we were very happy to see several whole families all dressed in costume. The costume contest had a great turnout and had plenty of contestants from all over the galaxy.

The real highlight of the convention (for me, anyway) was the meet and greet my wife and 5 other people had with Garret Wang, Dominic Keating, and Nana Visitor. Dominic Keating spoke about his family members being in the military and his venture into the military. Apparently he learned that it wasn’t for him after crashing a tank into a building. Acting was plan B. Who knew? Nana Visitor spoke mostly of her experiences involved with Hurricane Sandy and about being a grandmother. She also joked about how she couldn’t believe how it had been twenty years already!

Garrett Wang brought plenty of levity to the group, doing impressions of almost everyone he has ever worked with including William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Tim Russ, and George Takei. Garrett also turned out to be a big fan of the fans, and encouraged people to take plenty of group pictures.

William Shatner later spoke about a number of projects in which he is involved, including designing a new watch, a motorcycle, a wine tasting series, and more! He also spoke about how philosophy is the core of Star Trek, as it has been since the very first episode. It is there to challenge how we think and to pursue understanding in the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. We are here to explore. We are here to grow.

Capt. Michael A. Malomay
Commanding Officer
USS Veracity

Star Trek Las Vegas 2013

Last weekend’s Star Trek Las Vegas (by Creation Entertainment) had the feel of a high school reunion. The four day marathon of Star Trek events was full of stories and memories shared by those dressed in every conceivable uniform from TOS to Enterprise, with every movie in between. The last couple of years we have seen a surge in The Original Series activities and costumes thanks to the fresh perspective brought to the current generation by two fantastic movies depicting an alternate, but equally important, timeline. There may be hope for future generations after all.

The Deep Space 9 luncheon was a blast, full of guest appearances from most major characters, and round-robin styled Q&A where each guest took turns at the attendee’s tables. There were many Star-Trek related questions, but it was also nice to learn about what charities the stars were interested in, as well as learn about their own personal philosophical views. There was a strong theme of IDIC—infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

Later that afternoon the TNG crew of Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, and Marina Sirtis entertained both themselves and the crowd. The actors shared many early stories from the start of the series, and Brent amused with impressions and Jonathan demonstrated his famous “cowboy” chair-mount.

Many guest stars talked about their viewpoints which, again, echoed the theme of IDIC. They spoke about the trails Star Trek has blazed for tolerance, the embrace of diversity, and sacrifices that we all must make for our future, not as individuals–but as the human race. Still, the actors responded humbly to their claims of nerd fandom stating it was us, the viewers, which made Star Trek the success that it is. It is us, the masses, who hold the future.

Capt. Michael A. Malomay
Commanding Officer
USS Veracity

Shuttlecraft Galileo Revealed

After a full year’s work of restoration, The Galileo Shuttlecraft from the Star Trek Original Series, has officially been unveiled at its new home at the Space Center Houston.

Having the Galileo at the Space Center is a perfect development for the Star Trek fandom; that’s where a science fiction symbol like this belongs. Adam Schneider, the man behind the restoration, is a Trekkie who couldn’t let the Galileo be lost in time. As he said himself before the sheet was pulled away, “Star Trek is our future.”

Star Trek has had a massive impact on the space-travel industry, a point which was expressed during the celebrity panel. They discussed the impact of strong female roles in sci-fi, how we can bring education and space travel back to our society, and how without Star Trek a lot of inspiration for modern technology may not have happened. It was such an experience to hear these actors speak about things that are so important, and with so much passion.

The final event was the opportunity to hear one of the guest astronauts speak about his time in space and what it can mean for us. We watched an amazing video of him recording a satellite spin around the earth in real time at over 17,000 MPH. The passion was visible on his face as he watched his recording, which helped his emphasis on how little importance our problems are here on Earth, seeing the planet from up there. He answered questions with vigor, listening with a smile on his face as a young boy struggled to articulate his question about the rocket’s metal body, and his answer was of pure encouragement.

I was able to see some pretty cool things at this event that I did not expect, number one being the “NASA Protective Service” agents placed around the border of the shuttle. This experience was absolutely humbling, and knowing that this shuttle will help inspire many children years from now is a truly wonderful thought.

Lt. Lizzie Lynch
USS Constancy

Delta H Con 2013

A handful of Fleet 31 officers attended Delta H Con in Houston, Texas, over the weekend, and while it was a smaller convention, I can definitely say we had a blast.

On Friday, I had the privilege of moderating as we debuted our new concept panel “Speed Philosophy,” pitting LCDR Redux Chen (Chief Science Officer, USS Summoner) against CMDR Jared Salomone (First Officer, USS Constancy) in a fast-paced debate on the philosophical intentions and implications of various sci-fi and anime series, made all the more intense by the demand for quick thinking, and enhanced with personal jabs and witty repartee. Special thanks to makeup artist Lt. Lizzie Lynch, who hosted a panel on sci-fi makeup on Sunday in addition to her own cosplay makeup panel on Friday.

I do want to take a moment to recognize that while Delta H Con is still relatively small, the staff did a fantastic job of keeping things running and was a great help to us. Thanks guys, we had a blast, and we’ll be back next year!

Adm. Cam Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
Fleet 31

Fleet Dinner II – Wrap-up

Fleet Dinner II
Wow. I don’t even know where else to start with this one. Thirty-three people showed up for the festivities at IHOP last night, and we had ourselves a right good party. A special thanks to that IHOP and its employees for the service and the patience, as well as Brendon Bradley, who arranged the event and put in a good amount of work during the event.

There were kind of a ridiculous number of announcements made, but we managed to fit them all in between the placing of orders and the arrival of the food. I had originally hoped to have a more or less formal ceremony for the promotions, etc., but the lighthearted mood of the evening made it clear that the only thing to do was have fun, so that’s exactly what we did. The video will be up on YouTube soon, and will be linked back through this post when it becomes available, but in the meantime, here’s a complete list (not all of these were announced at the dinner):

Cadet Acceptance: Reese Kirkham – First official Cadet of Fleet 31!

USS Summoner Promotions:
Kevin L. Martin, Captain (Commanding Officer)
Stephanie Meyer, Commander (First Officer)
Brendon Bradley, Lieutenant Commander (Chief Operations Officer)

USS Constancy Promotions:
Andrew Baker, Captain (Commanding Officer)
Jared R. Salomone, Commander (First Officer)

USS Veracity Promotion:
Michael A. Malomay, Captain (Commanding Officer)

Ship commission: USS Covenant, NCC-78667 (San Marcos, TX)
Promotion: Lindsay Tilley, Captain

Personnel transfers, Transcendent to Summoner:
Zander Price, Lieutenant Commander (Chief Engineer)
Redux Chen, Lieutenant Commander (Chief Science Officer)

And we had a brief announcement from Capt. Erica Kenney of the USS Transcendent with a more personal note. She will be departing the Dallas/Fort Worth area in just over a month to embark on a new journey toward a Ph.D. in Boston, and the Transcendent will be going with her. We wish her luck on her Five Year Mission.

We’ve had a lot of change in the last five months since the last Fleet Dinner – our membership has more than doubled, and we’ve gone from two ships in one city to six ships, each with its own city, and three more cities almost ready to commission their own ships. In all honesty, it’s hard to imagine where we’ll be by this time next year, but I’d be lying if I said I weren’t feeling a bit optimistic about our outlook, because we don’t just move forward…

We Boldly Go.

Adm. Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
Fleet 31

Comicpalooza 2013

Houston’s premier comic convention turned out to be a huge appearance for Fleet 31! Our presence attracted positive attention from fellow Star Trek fans who were also in attendance. The Monster Grays worn by Admiral Wilkinson and Commander Scheinemann received much attention.

The con itself was a huge step up from previous years. The whole bottom floor of the GRB was taken up by dealers, artists, guests, and autograph tables. The guest line up was equally impressive, especially for Star Trek fans with Armin Shimerman, Rene Auberjonois, Avery Brooks, and Sir Patrick Stewart all in attendance.

Many photographs were taken and numerous inquiries about Fleet 31 (and what we do) were made. Thankfully we had plenty of business cards provided by the admiral to hand out to curious con-goers. This led to a noticeable influx of new members. All in all it was a pretty good weekend for Fleet 31, and we all had a great time!

Lt.Cdr. Jared Salomone
First Officer
USS Constancy

Dallas Comic Con 2013

It is an exciting time to be a member of Fleet 31, and it clearly showed at Dallas Comic Con 2013. So many people recognized Fleet members, and overall it was a great experience. The Admiral and other members of the fleet were featured in several videos and news articles, as well as numerous photo opportunities. This was my first con as a member of Fleet 31, and I will have to say it felt really good being noticed by so many folks.

We met new friends and had several prospective members ask about recruitment. Admiral Wilkinson and I made out like bandits with some awesome Star Trek memorabilia. The Fleet 31 Cadet Division was represented at this con as well, with Cadet Kirkham making a well-noted appearance as the Borg Queen on Saturday. Keep up the good work everyone, and keep Boldly Going!

Cmdr. Kevin Martin
First Officer
USS Summoner