USS Bozeman – Helena, MT

This page serves as the information hub for all information regarding the USS Bozeman and its crew, in Helena, MT. More information will be added as it becomes available.

Chapter Designation

USS Bozeman

Registry: NCC-4061-A

Class: Hatfield

USS Bozeman (Banner)


Commanding Officer: Captain Michelle Kandel
(to inquire about or join this crew, please contact the CO).

Senior Staff

About Us

We are an independent group of Star Trek fans that value our friendship and family and love to enjoy Trek together. We would love to have your input and to have you join our adventure!!

We attend museums, public events, conventions (man, do we LOVE conventions!), costuming, prop making and so much more!

We are also in the midst of forming a united Trek independent group that prohibits drama and simply focuses on the love of Trek and fandom.

If you want to simply enjoy your love of Trek and fandom and enjoy the life of service aboard a Federation Starship… Sign up NOW! We can always use good people!

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