Denali Station – Correspondence Chapter

This page serves as the hub for all information regarding Denali Station, a correspondence chapter of Fleet 31. More information will be added as it becomes available.


Chapter Designation

UFP / Fleet 31 (Seal)
Denali Station

Registry: SFR-107

Class: Watchtower XL

Denali Station



Commanding Officer: Kevin Plummer
(to inquire about or join this crew, please contact the CO).

Senior Staff


About Us

The chapter is based out of Logan Ohio USA but we have members from around the world. Our focus is on role-playing and charity work. We are a multi-genre group of sci-fi fans that have a heavy concentration on Star Trek RPGing.

The Denali Station is set on the outskirts of the explored space near the edge of the Alpha Quadrant to Delta Quadrant with a height of 2750 meters and a diameter of 1950 meters, she isn’t one of the biggest station but one of importance. She’s a Watchtower XL type Class 1-B Spaceborne Starbase and accommodates our needs.

Denali Station is a hotspot for travelers all over the Universe, especially since the appearance of an wormhole. After further investigation the results were stunning. The event horizon of the wormhole is close to the Denali Station but the other end fluctuates into different sectors of the sci-fi community allowing almost any kind of sci-fi fandom to appear in our storyline. So no matter where you enter, you’ll always come out at the Station, to connect which others alike you. There’s one hyper jump gate located less that a light year away for safety reasons of the station, to bring you to your community.


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