U.S.S. Dark Star – Staunton, VA

This page serves as the information hub for all information regarding the U.S.S. Dark Star and its crew, in Staunton, VA. More information will be added as it becomes available.

Our website is located at … TheDarkStar.org


Chapter Designation

Name: U.S.S. Dark Star
Registry: NCC-24401
Class: Verity-class Command Dreadnought (Odyssey-line variant)


Commanding Officer: Capt. Mayq, House of Hoq’nej (aka. Mike Tripp)


(To inquire about or join this crew, please contact the CO).

About Us

Located in Staunton, Va., we are a local chapter of Fleet 31, Klingon Assault Group, and Alliance Central  Command — all three international Star Trek fan organizations / fleets.

Please note … YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR A UNIFORM OR COSTUME! … But you can if you wish. Choice is yours!

It’s not required as we want you to be who you want to be.

Our chapter is about having fun.

We are about: exploration & adventure, friendships, being fans of Science Fiction, going to the movies (and other such) together, adventuring together, sharing stories & tales of what we’ve been up to together & separately, breaking bread at local eating establishments … and having fun!

We’re NOT a LARP … but do know of a few,


Our “Raven Guard”

In Klingon …. ” reyvIn ‘avwI’ “

We are the UNIFORM wearing … COSTUME wearing … the COSPLAYING members  of the Dark Star crew.

We are the fans who are fascinated enough with the fandom of both Star Trek, science fiction and fantasy enough to want to dress the part.

Some of us are Klingons  embracing the Klingon way of life (within reason), meaning we seek to walk an honorable path … learning from the teachings of Kahless and those who follow his example.

Others might feel the same towards Andorians, Romulans, Vulcans or even Cardassians …. or enjoy genres entirely.

Cosplay is another form of expression many of our members may choose to embrace.

But never forget  … WE ARE WHO WE ARE AND ARE PROUD OF IT!

Our Online Presence

Our Klingon Half … I.K.S. Hurgh Hov

In addition to our “Starfleet” ship, we also run a sister ship for the Klingon half of our crew.

A D7 battlecruiser, she is named the I.K.S. Hurgh Hov … or Dark Star as written in the original Klingon!

Members of the U.S.S. Dark Star are welcome to also be members aboard our KDF ship as well with the reverse also true.