USS Valiant – Smithville, MO

This page serves as the information hub for all information regarding the USS Valiant and its crew, in Smithville, MO. More information will be added as it becomes available.


Chapter Designation

USS Valiant (Seal)
USS Valiant

Registry: NCC-74210

Class: Defiant X Class Temporal Destroyer


USS Valiant (Schematic)



Commanding Officer: Captain Mike Calhoun
(to inquire about or join this crew, please contact the CO).

Senior Staff


About Us

The USS Valiant as a chapter of Starfleet International is a fan based organization operating in the Greater Kansas City Area, bringing together fans of the Star Trek Franchise in all of her different incarnations and series. The main goal of the group is to unite these fans in a safe, friendly environment where we can promote Star Trek and its message of peace, understanding and acceptance of all genders, races and species as was displayed by Starfleet from which we gain our inspiration. We intend to do this by means of public appearances, charitable activities and social gatherings throughout the community at large.


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