USS Yarra – Melbourne, Australia

This page serves as the information hub for all information regarding the USS Yarra and its crew, in Melbourne, Australia. More information will be added as it becomes available.

Chapter Designation

USS Yarra (Seal)
USS Yarra

Registry: NCC-74676

Class: Intrepid


Commanding Officer: Commander Michael Kerr
(to inquire about or join this crew, please contact the CO).

Senior Staff

About Us

Our ship is a family-friendly, cosplaying (Starfleet uniforms and other costumes from the Trek universe), role playing (Starfleet ranks) and a general meeting group that meets every one to two months.

We come from all walks of life, and engage in activities such as: away missions, meeting up, having a good chat, comparing Trek goodies, organizing charities and watching movies. We welcome members from all walks of life!

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