[Decommissioned] USS Allegiant – Wichita, KS

This page serves as the hub for all information regarding the USS Allegiant and its crew, in Wichita, KS. More information will be added as it becomes available.


Chapter Designation

USS Allegiant

Registry: NCC-2472-A

Class: Excelsior


USS Allegiant (Plaque) schematicallegiant



Commanding Officer: Commander Darman Ellison

Senior Staff


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Noteworthy Ship Modifications

The Allegiant underwent significant refit when Darman Ellison, formerly the Commanding Officer, was promoted to Admiralty. This refit resulted in a registry designation update to NCC-2472-A.


Name: USS Allegiant (NCC-2472-A)

Type: Excelsior Class Mark IV

Overview: One of the most notable changes to this version of the Excelsior Class is the addition of two Class (m) warp cores. In addition to the warp cores, the Mark 8 phaser emplacements were substituted in favor of the Mark IX phaser strips. 3 Additional shield generators were installed ship wide. Additionally this class vessel has one extra deck in the star drive section. Also added to the ship was 1 rear facing rotating quantum torpedo launcher. EMH Mark 4 installed in sickbay. Holographic emitters on all decks. Independent emergency warp core transport modules installed in all warp cores. Prototype emergency evacuation transport modules installed in all escape pods.

Main Bridge: During refit was installed a modernized new bridge module. This new bridge module ejects from the saucer section of the ship and can act as a life boat for the bridge crew. A second Command chair was added, and the conference room replaced in favor of a flag office. This bridge module supports the federations most top of the line gel pack technology allowing for better command and control of the ship. Installed in the new module are holographic emitters throughout. This will allow for use of both the EMH and ECH programs.

Sickbay: In addition to new bio beds and other various new tools. An EMH Mark IV was installed as starfleets newest prototype.

Engineering: A very large number of changes were made to this department. Engineering has been divided between three sections of the ship. Main Engineering located in the Star Drive section of the ship. Then two auxiliary engineering sections to contain the smaller warp cores.

Main Engineering: Contains the ships primary warp core (Class L). This core was originally designed for the much larger and faster Sovereign class ships. In addition to the standard emergency core ejection mode, High Resolution transport modules were installed at the top and bottom of the core. In the event the ejection system fails and emergency transport can be initiated on voice command from any Sr. Staff officer. Note that the emergency transport mode should only be used in the most extreme of situations, where no other alternative exists.

Auxiliary Engineering: The two auxiliary engineering section one located in the saucer section and the other in the star drive are intended for specific ships functions. One core is for backup power and one is for weapons power. Although not totally dedicated systems, these cores can be easily switched to warp propulsion. This allows the ship to travel at maximum warp 9.92 for 8 days versus its original 12 hours.

Combat Systems: These systems were massively overhauled. All phaser emplacements were replaced with type IX phaser strips. Two additional forward torpedo launchers were added, to the forward of the ship. The Aft section a rotating micro torpedo launcher was installed. This system works in conjunction with the primary aft launchers. The systems can be fired separately. Three Additional shield generators were installed throughout the ship. The ship now has Primary, secondary, and additional redundant systems.

Emergency Evacuation Protocol: Installed with this ship is a prototype emergency evacuation protocol. Once the ship powers up to Red Alert status, the computer automatically charges and prepares all escape pods. Installed in each pod is a onetime use portable transporter module. Each pod has specific comm badges assigned to them. Upon the order to abandon ship, each pod will initiate a transport cycle beaming three people to each pod. They will be automatically belted in by the pod and ejected once the computer confirms that all assigned personnel are in the pod. In the event someone is not in the pod a voice override is available by telling the computer, Eject three times in a row.

Shuttle Bays 1 and 2: The ships main shuttle bay was enlarged to be able to store more standard shuttles, or to accommodate two Runnabout class ships. The main shuttle bay is located in the aft section of the ship. Shuttle bay two is located in the forward of the ship and can only hold 4 standard shuttles, or 8 worker bees.