History and Mission

Fleet 31 began at the end of 2009 when a small group of friends formed a Star Trek-focused social group who attended local conventions and wrote a cooperative forum-based roleplay, with the name Fleet 31 originating in the background story. The Fleet has evolved into a more cohesive unit since then, allowing us to work on bigger projects, like uniforms and props. In 2012, the Fleet began to grow into something with greater purpose, and a new level of organization slowly emerged. These changes culminated in a retasking in January 2013, outlining new goals, projects, and philosophy for the group as a growing Star Trek fan organization.


The Continuing Mission of Fleet 31


To Promote Star Trek and a Better Future

Fleet 31 is a Star Trek fan organization that seeks to further Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a better future of humanity by seeking to uphold the principles of Starfleet, as well as by giving back and reaching out to the community through volunteer charity work and community service.

To Provide a Community

We are a community of Star Trek fans from a diverse range of worldviews and backgrounds. We seek to bring a new enthusiasm to the world of Star Trek fandom.

To Produce Resources for Costuming and Prop Building

Fleet 31 seeks excellence in Star Trek costuming and prop building and is working to provide these items to fans, or connect fans with other resources that can. Quality Star Trek costuming can be daunting and expensive, a fact we are endeavoring to change.