Basic Salute

This is not a requirement of Fleet 31 members. This article is here for the benefit of those who wish to have an authentic salute. The ability to salute properly is intensely important when playing the role in uniform. A half-baked salute doesn’t look good, and if you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on your uniform, it simply won’t do you justice. This article contains the necessary details for a basic salute.

While not normally used or seen in Star Trek, the salute still remains as a military standard and proper form of address protocol.

The command is, Hand, SALUTE; TWO.

When SALUTE is given,

Raise your right hand smartly in the most direct manner until the tip of your forefinger touches the lower part of your headgear or the outer tip of your right eyebrow above and slightly to the right of your right eye, or the outermost edge of any eyewear.

Your thumb and fingers should be straight and touch each other.

You should be able to see your entire palm when looking straight ahead.

Your upper arm should be level with the deck and forearm at a 45-degree angle.

Your wrist and hand should be straight, a continuation of the line made by your forearm.

At the same time, if not in ranks, turn your head and eyes toward the person or color you are saluting.

At the command TWO, return to attention.

Move your hand smartly in the most direct manner back to its normal position by your side.

To ensure simultaneous execution of the second movement of the hand salute when troops are in formation, the preparatory command, “ready” will be used prior to the command of execution, TWO.

You may salute without command from attention, while walking, or while seated in a vehicle. When walking, it is not necessary to halt to salute. Keep walking, but at attention. The salute is rendered when the person or color to he saluted is six paces distant, or at the nearest point of approach if it is apparent that he/she (it) is going to approach to within six paces. The salute will not be rendered if the person (color) to be saluted does not approach within thirty paces. Hold the first position of the salute until the person (color) saluted has passed or the salute is returned; then execute the second movement of the hand salute.