Fleet-Level Senior Staff

This page is intended to outline the duties expected of the senior staff of Fleet 31, rather than the chapter-level senior staff. Each of these positions is afforded the privilege to select a small number of officers to assist in their duties as necessary, or to borrow such aid from chapters of the fleet.


Fleet Commander

Ultimately responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the fleet. He is the leader and spokesperson for the Fleet. The Fleet Commander will bring any issues that need to be addressed before the Fleet Command Council


Deputy Fleet Commander

This officer’s primary goal is to oversee the progress of any initiatives set forth by the Command Council or Fleet Commander that the Fleet Commander cannot directly see to.


Fleet Command Council

The Fleet Command Council is comprised of the Commanding Officers and First Officers of Each Ship Commissioned into Fleet 31. Each Ship receives a single vote on the council and Majority vote carries the proposal.


Sector Commanders

The Sector Commanders are responsible to helping the Local Commanders Organize, recruit and Commission Ships within the Fleet. They are selected from among the Ship Commanders within the Sectors they will serve. They are appointed by the Fleet Commander and confirmed by the Command Council.