Fleet Senior Staff

This page contains a list of and basic information about current and former Admiralty of Fleet 31, as well as current Sector Commanders.



Current Fleet Admiralty

VADM Richard Smith
Fleet Commander 2016-2017Biography
Richard has been a Star Trek enthusiast since the young age of 4. While growing up he headed up several informal Star Trek Clubs in school and was a member of the Sci-Fi guild in College. He decided to work on a ship Chapter for his hometown and became the Charter Captain of the USS Crystal Point in Erie, PA.In Early 2015 Richard was honored to be confirmed as Fleet 31’s Deputy Fleet Commander and was promoted to Rear Admiral (LH). Admiral Smith was elevated to Fleet Commander in March 2016 and promoted to Vice Admiral. Smith is also an Officer in Outpost 10F, a Sci-Fi chat. He has been a member there for over 15 years and currently holds the rank of Rear Admiral. He currently holds a seat on the Site’s Executive Council, is the Commanding Officer of the sites Communications Department.

Maj. Gen. Hauk (AKA, Mike Tripp)
Deputy Fleet Commander 2016-2017


Past Members of the Fleet Admiralty

VADM Cam Wilkinson
Founder, Former Fleet CommanderBiography
Cam has worked in everything from electronic medical records to appliance customer care, with experience in IT as well as the printing business following a BBA in Marketing from SMU.He found Star Trek on his own in junior high as Voyager was coming to an end, and started to enjoy TNG throughout high school and college. When he went to his first convention back in the summer of 2009, he wore a Voyager-style uniform, and by the time he walked out, the first crew that was eventually to become Fleet 31 had formed.Since then, and especially since the retask in January 2013, his job within the fleet has been to handle the growth of the group, ensuring both the proper infrastructure as well as seeing that the goals of the fleet are ultimately carried out. He has no military background at all, and while this is not an important fact in and of itself, his respect for those who serve has greatly impacted the way he commands. He is extraordinarily proud of this crew, and very much looks forward to seeing what we can do in the future.

Fleet Commanding Officer 2015-2016


When Ed was growing up, Star Trek was his first experience in Science Fiction, and one he shared with his father. From the original series, to the Animated Series, right up till the Next Generation He would watch with his Dad. It was Deep Space 9 that really got him into the 24th Century saga. Even today, Deep Space 9 is his favorite Trek Show. And Sisko has come to equal the Kirk as his favorite Captain.


Sector Commanders


Commodore Greg MortensenContact this SC



Captain Chris Lemke – Contact this SC


North America

Western Sector

Captain Michael A. MalomayContact this SC

Central Sector

Commodore Bill MilliganContact this SC

Northeast Sector

Commodore Carolyn Byers – Contact this SC

Southeast Sector

Commodore Steven ParmleyContact this SC



Commodore Michelle Herbert SalcedoContact this SC