Senior Staff – USS Constancy

This page contains a brief listing of the names and biographical information of the senior staff of the USS Constancy, the Houston, TX chapter of Fleet 31. More information will be added as it becomes available.

To inquire about or join this chapter, please contact the CO.


Senior Staff

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Captain  Bill Milligan
Commanding Officer

My Trek adventures started back with the beginning of TNG in 1987. I did like TOS before then, but it just did not grab me like the first episode of TNG did when I saw the Android named ‘Data’ for the first time. I knew there was an adventure on that day. Ever since then I have made Star Trek a part of my life every day.

I have been for years trying to find my place within a group that I can call family. I went to a few cons here and there, was part of a few groups here and there, but they never made me feel like family. After I moved to Houston in 2008 I started going to cons again in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. I thought it would be cool to go to Space City Con in 2013 and it really made a difference. On the last day of the con, these two wonderfully dressed people that I never seen that weekend walked toward me on my way out. I asked to take their picture and inquired who they were with, and Cam gave me a Fleet 31 business card. He also asked me where Denise Crosby was, and we chatted a bit as I showed them where she was.

Besides Star Trek I love computers, camping, fishing, bowling, and cars. I can get along with just about anyone. I will help people in any way that I can.

I have modeled what I represent in Star Trek around Mr. Data… although I have fun with showing emotion when in Cosplay. I hope to help grow Fleet 31 and grow within myself as well. I am proud to be a part of Fleet 31.

Commander Jared Robert Salomone
Executive Officer

I was pretty much born into the franchise with my late father, who grew up watching the original series in the 1960’s, having me watch the next generation in the early 1990’s.  Being a fan of Levar Burton from Reading Rainbow, it was not hard for me to become a fan.  I have been a fan ever since.  I was one of the original Fleet 31 members when the group went public from a simple online role-playing group to a full costuming and charity organization.  Founder Cameron Wilkinson and fellow fleet member Andrew Scheineman recruited me after I met them at Onicon 2009.  I have been a loyal member ever since.   I am an easy person to get along with and won’t hesitate to assist anyone who requires it.  I enjoy helping and educating others, which is why I am proud to be a member of Fleet 31.  My other interests, in addition to Science Fiction, include anime, gaming, retro cartoons and games, technology, history, philosophy, and science, just to name a few.

Commander  Ojy Bailey
Chief Science Officer

A virtual paradox, I feel most like myself when I am not me. On any normal day I feel shy and awkward, but put me in the right garb and I thrive. I love going to conventions, where I cosplay and host panels about cosplay. Every fall I can be found out at the Texas Renaissance Festival, selling bows out of my little tree. I have culinary expertise spanning several cultures and feel at home in a kitchen. One day I would love to have my own bed and breakfast, or a small cafe.

I have known Trek ever since I can remember. I grew up following the adventures of Captain Picard and his crew. I learned of Fleet 31 from an online friend and immediately requested to join. After seeing info on the group’s mission, I knew it was something that I really wanted to be part of.

erikLieutenant Erik Alston
Chief Operations Officer

I got interested in Star Trek at a young age, thanks to my mother’s influence and ever since then, have always been fascinated with Space. I would be that kid who would stay inside and read up on blackholes and nebulae. As I grew older, my love for it grew and I wanted to work for NASA to get closer to the stars.I enjoy reading, drawing and in my offtime, sewing costumes. I have been cosplaying for more than 6+ years, but yet I am still trying to improve. I am know as “The Vulcan” of the chapter and I take that in high regard. My well known cosplay is Spock, having worn him a few times at local conventions.I personally strive to be like a Vulcan in terms of controlling my emotions because all they do is get me in trouble. I am currently learning the Vulcan language and most of my meditation are modeled after Vulcan meditation. I feel it all stems to when I was younger and I would run around saying I wanted to be a “Wulcan”

I chose to join Fleet 31 because I love the idea of helping out charities and having fun as well. I made so many new friends and there are more I would like to meet in person.


dandilynLt JG Dandilyn Goyette
Acting Chief Tactical Officer

I got into Star Trek because of my Dad, who is a big fan of Star Trek: The Original Series. Both of us fell in love with Spock and sometimes I like to cosplay a female version of Spock at conventions. After I joined Facebook, I found many groups that matched my interests, including Fleet 31. I joined not only because I am a fan of Star Trek, but I also like to do things for charity and go to conventions and this group does all three. Eventually, I my Dad joined this group and he helps out here and there as well. Ever since we joined, I have had a lot of fun doing conventions, events, and helping out any way I can. I have always loved how the fandom is usually combined with some sort of charitable organization. I’m hoping one day our Fleet can help in larger ways than we can imagine. For now, I hope we can help do good for others and get a positive message out.
-Live Long and Prosper.

OliverLt. Cmdr. Oliver Mathieu
Chief Security Officer

Born in México, I immigrated to America as a teenager. Here I finished my education and progressed into college; Where I obtained my Associates in Automotive technology. I have since returned to college to pursue a second degree in Costuming. One could imply that making things is a pastime. I have been a fan of TNG since a early age. I saw great value in the continuing quest for knowledge. Became a member after discovering that my friend Andrew was the local captain. I was chosen for security because of my cautious yet suspiciously aggressive nature.

counselorEnsign Andrea Hilland
Ship’s Counselor

I was born into a geek family, and grew up in Cypress, TX on a steady diet of Nintendo, Sony and DnD-based gaming. However, I was somehow only introduced to Trek by my fiance much later. I fell in love immediately. I’ve been part of the cosplay and anime communities for a long time, and enjoy reading, drawing, crafting, costuming and prop design.

Looking to build a career in the Psychology field, I left Cypress to work on my degree for a few years, earning my Bachelors of Science in the subject. Though I loved living at a university, I missed my home area and swiftly returned, where I put in countless volunteer hours in social services, therapy, and crisis intervention. I’m looking to earn my LPC and my Masters, to gain the right to make a living in the field. Helping others reduce the suffering that comes with life is my passion.

A place in Starfleet feels ironic – the values of Fleet are undoubtedly my own, but chains of command and the notion of one person outranking another are entirely alien. I say this to assure you that no matter where you are in the Fleet, you can trust me as your Counselor to be your ear and shoulder, on equal ground. I will work hard to maintain this trust, and my door is always open.

andrewLt. Cmdr. Andrew Baker
Ship’s Bartender for Frontier Lounge

I’m mostly a rural-type person, sticking more to the country, but I still flow into a city scene easily. I’m currently a sales rep/delivery driver for a local detail supply company.

When I’m not working, I enjoy going out and about around Houston, or going out of town for special events (random events or conventions of different kinds as well). I’m a very hands-on type person. If you give me a task that involves using my hands then I’m good. Things that involve getting out and doing or building things, I’m there. Also, I’m a big history buff; I feel a strong connection with importance of history.

I was first introduced to Star Trek when I was just in my early teens. I saw a few episodes when I was way younger, but I never really understood it then. I just sorta fell into Star Trek, enjoyed it, and haven’t turned back.  My introduction to Fleet 31 is an interesting story, but it’s one I like to tell people in person. I originally met Cam Wilkinson at Akon 2009 in Dallas, TX, and just sorta fell into going with the Fleet as time went on, and just like being introduced to Star Trek itself, never turned back once the ball got rolling.

Note from Adm. Wilkinson: Mr. Baker was the first person to join the crew of what eventually became Fleet 31!