Senior Staff – Starbase 31

This page contains a brief listing of the names and biographical information of the senior staff of Starbase 31, the correspondence chapter of Fleet 31, and Fleet Headquarters. More information will be added as it becomes available.

To inquire about or join this chapter, please contact the CO.


Senior Staff

Starbase_TaurogCaptain Kinter Lou Taurog
Commanding Officer

Born: Bronx, NY
Home: Vancouver, WA, Earth

How did you join the Starbase?: I was serving as Chief Engineer aboard the USS Nightstrike when she entered Fleet 31 in the Fleet’s early days. The Nightstrike changed fleets due to a threat from the Dominion but several senior members of the crew retained their F31 designation. When RADM Ed O’Connell first pushed Starfleet to create a Starbase he wanted experienced crew who were not already assigned aboard current ships. I was privileged to be considered.

What interests you most in ST fandom? Cosplaying and figuring out how to make our world move in Trek’s direction.

Bonus information: I enjoy old tactical games like Fortress America and Axis and Allies. And I prefer Janeway’s coffee to Picard’s tea.


Starbase_WellsCommander Michelle Wells
First Officer

Born: Manila, Philippines
Home: SW Quadrant of North America, Earth (Arizona)

How did you join the Starbase? I arrived at the Starbase via the same route as Captain Taurog and I’m pleased to be attached to a unit at Fleet 31 and was also privileged to be considered for the role of First Officer for the Starbase.

What interests you most in ST fandom? I certainly love all the cosplay, the series, and movies, but what I’ve found most interesting are the people I meet from all walks of life that aspire to live in an IDIC Star Trek future, and all that cool science.

Bonus Information: Fleet 31 offered to commission my motorcycle as a shuttlecraft since I was remotely located from other ships. I now keep my shuttlecraft in the Starbase’s docking bay. I just need to find a place to relocate the self-sealing stem bolts.


Starbase_SephdokDr. Sephdok Ramone
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sephdok, has served Starfleet meritoriously in multiple medical capacities, while actively engaged in an uninterrupted professional and spiritual mission heavily influenced and inspired by the IDIC Principle. His interests have carried him across many benevolent and hostile planets and institutes of higher learning, where he has engaged in molecular synthetic and xenotransplantation research, and surgical / endovascular / hybrid training. He has received multiple degrees and commendations from the Starfleet medical community.

In a recent conversation with the UFOP’s JSMA (Journal of Starfleet Medical Association) editorial commentary, he stated: “My Katra leads me to believe that the one true mission we walk is the logical path of destination individualized therapies of the mind and body. Consider this approach – as you humans would call a ‘melting-pot’ – the Fal-Tor-Pan equivalent of distilling distinct specialty spirits and methodologies into a new body of medical discipline.”

When asked about hobbies, he responds that it would fascinate him if he were able to present to the metaphor and metaforce wary community proof of any modification – however possibly infinitesimally minor – to Kiri-kin-tha’s First Law of Metaphysics (“Nothing unreal exists.”) by utilizing sonic patterns to modify a cognizant biologic’s mental and physical form into a desired predetermined shape of that mindful individual being’s choosing. “Currently, Officer Ziggy, Admiral Indigo Murphy, and their coterie of arachnid companions from the Federation planet Mars have made scientifically significant strides along with us in bringing this proof to fruition.” A Vulcan lute is his constant companion on this quest.

On a personal note, Dr. Sephdok consider himself a borderline rational individual who wishes to explore humor and empathy as the logical extension – and amalgamation – of the Socratic Method, Kohlinar Ritual, and the teachings of Surak.

Dr. Ramone will be serving from Memphis, TN