Senior Staff – USS Tigershark

This page contains a brief listing of the names and biographical information of the senior staff of the USS Tigershark, the Barrie, Ontario, Canada chapter of Fleet 31. More information will be added as it becomes available.

To inquire about or join this chapter, please contact the CO.


Senior Staff

CMDREJBCommodore Jason J. Buchholz
Commanding Officer

Jason J. Buchholz has been an avid Star Trek fan since the age of seven, when The Next Generation first began it’s run on TV. He was captivated at that young age by what Star Trek was, and never looked back. By his teenage years, Jason was already working to start his own Star Trek club, having been a part-time member with another organization beforehand.

With the creation of the USS Tigershark in 1997, Jason took his fandom to a whole new level. Fast forward all these years later, as the Tigershark has become the premier Star Trek club not just in his city, but most of Canada thanks to him and his dedicated crew and friends.

Aside from Star Trek, Jason is an avid fisherman, writer of fiction and science fiction, and can usually be found working on his model railroad and/or other hobbies, all while enjoying a hot cup of Earl Grey.

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