Fleet 31

The First Admiral

Fleet 31 has undergone explosive expansion in the last few months, since our retasking ceremony in January. Since that time we’ve gone from two ships of nebulous definition in one city to four ships covering three major city areas, with crew working hard to expand into several more. I’m proud of all the work that’s been put into this fleet, and I’m proud of my crew for making this organization something truly special.

That said, it has been quite some time since I’ve been able to focus on my duties as a captain due to the amount of time I spend on fleetwide administration. I believe it is important to have the proper infrastructure on which to build a successful organization, and to that end have been building on as much of the needed resources as I could foresee necessary.

To that end, it has become apparent that I should wear a rank more fitting of my duties, and as of today, with the approval of the fleet’s senior staff, I have accepted promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral Lower Half. (Protocol note: While “Commodore” is the name of this rank used in ST:TOS, the franchise has shown attempts to keep up with the US Navy’s rather confusing policy on this rank, and so in keeping I have opted to use Rear Admiral Lower Half, properly abbreviated RDML. Addressing me as “Admiral” or “Commodore,” which is properly abbreviated CDRE, is still considered appropriate. For the sake of simplicity, I will abbreviate as generic “Adm.”)

With this promotion, I intend to continue the expansion of Fleet 31 both in the United States and internationally as that time comes, and I ask for your continued support in making this thing even more beautiful.

Thank you.

Adm. Cam Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
USS Summoner