Fleet 31

Star Trek Las Vegas 2013

Last weekend’s Star Trek Las Vegas (by Creation Entertainment) had the feel of a high school reunion. The four day marathon of Star Trek events was full of stories and memories shared by those dressed in every conceivable uniform from TOS to Enterprise, with every movie in between. The last couple of years we have seen a surge in The Original Series activities and costumes thanks to the fresh perspective brought to the current generation by two fantastic movies depicting an alternate, but equally important, timeline. There may be hope for future generations after all.

The Deep Space 9 luncheon was a blast, full of guest appearances from most major characters, and round-robin styled Q&A where each guest took turns at the attendee’s tables. There were many Star-Trek related questions, but it was also nice to learn about what charities the stars were interested in, as well as learn about their own personal philosophical views. There was a strong theme of IDIC—infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

Later that afternoon the TNG crew of Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, and Marina Sirtis entertained both themselves and the crowd. The actors shared many early stories from the start of the series, and Brent amused with impressions and Jonathan demonstrated his famous “cowboy” chair-mount.

Many guest stars talked about their viewpoints which, again, echoed the theme of IDIC. They spoke about the trails Star Trek has blazed for tolerance, the embrace of diversity, and sacrifices that we all must make for our future, not as individuals–but as the human race. Still, the actors responded humbly to their claims of nerd fandom stating it was us, the viewers, which made Star Trek the success that it is. It is us, the masses, who hold the future.

Capt. Michael A. Malomay
Commanding Officer
USS Veracity