Fleet 31

Charting New Sectors

Click for full size imageFleet 31 has grown tremendously since our retasking last year, and the senior staff of the fleet has worked tirelessly to make sure our members always get to have the fun we set our sights on. In January, we began with the promotion of two new Admirals to help with the administration, but we now have so many members in so many chapters that even this isn’t enough anymore!

Given that the vast majority of our membership currently resides within the USA, the Command Council has spent the last couple weeks in deliberation on dividing the country into regions, and how things should be run going forward. We came to the conclusion that it would be best to use a Sector system, so that each Sector Commander would be charged with fostering growth and development within each chapter in his or her sector. The map you see above shows the divisions we have chosen to use, with tan representing USA West, yellow for USA Central, and blue for USA East. Each star represents a commissioned chapter; each circle represents a chapter in development. As the population of each sector increases, it may be split to make sure there is always a clear channel between each ship and fleet command.

Please help me in congratulating the following officers on their appointment to the the newly minted position of Sector Commander:

USA Central – RDML Darman Ellison
USA East – Capt. Edward T. O’Connell
USA West – Capt. Michael Malomay
International – RDML Julia DuPree

Congratulations to each of you! I look forward to seeing what we can all do together.

RADM Cam Wilkinson
Fleet Commander