Tournament Bat’leth

The bat’leth is the Klingon sword of honor, first designed by Kahless the Unforgettable. Competitors are encouraged to manufacture their own weapons when possible. This page will aim to outline the design specs of a bat’leth by Fleet 31 tournament standards.

– Core: 3/4″ plywood. Core materials of similar strength and weight as well as materials enhancing the strength of the wood will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may affect future revisions of these guidelines.
– Padding: Pool noodle with 1″ thickness or more. Similar materials may be used. A good way to judge your padding is to squeeze it; if you can feel the wood, the padding must be stronger.
– Blade: The padding should be held in place with high strength tape of a single color or pattern, usually aided by staples. A single strip of a second color of tape should line the center of the striking surface and will count for judging as the blade. Please note that striking the enemy with a section of weapon without blade tape will not result in a scoring blow, but that having your blade touch you will count against you.
– Accessory: Grips may be wrapped with padding or grip aids at combatants discretion.

Any weapon shape that falls within this description will be considered tournament-legal.
– Total width: 40-48″ core plus padding
– Grip width: TBD
– Curvature depth: TBD
– Points: 4 – two at each of the far ends and two within the curvature. All points must face away from the wielder. Designs with a fifth point in the center will also be allowed.

The color combination chosen for the wrapping and blade are traditionally used to denote the weapon’s owner. Chapters or organizations using a shared set of weapons are encouraged to use the same colors for all of these weapons.

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