[Decommissioned] Senior Staff – USS Cavalla

This page contains a brief listing of the names and biographical information of the senior staff of the USS Cavalla, the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX chapter of Fleet 31. More information will be added as it becomes available.


Senior Staff

Commander Cam Wilkinson
Commanding Officer/Fleet Founder

I’ve worked in everything from electronic medical records to appliance customer care, with experience in IT as well as the printing business following a BBA in Marketing from SMU.

I found Star Trek on my own in junior high as Voyager was coming to an end, and started to enjoy TNG throughout high school and college. When I went to my first convention back in the summer of 2009, I wore a Voyager-style uniform, and by the time I walked out, the first crew that was eventually to become Fleet 31 had formed.

Since then, and especially since the retask in January 2013, my job within the fleet has been to handle the growth of the group, ensuring both the proper infrastructure as well as seeing that the goals of the fleet are ultimately carried out. I have no military background at all, and while this is not an important fact in and of itself, my respect for those who serve has greatly impacted the way I command. I’m extraordinarily proud of this crew, and very much look forward to seeing what we can do in the future.