Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fleet 31?
Fleet 31 is a free-to-join international Star Trek fan organization that puts a priority on having fun and helping people! We skip the more formal monthly meetings in favor of getting out for a night of laser tag or bowling, having a good dinner, or going to various conventions (sci-fi/Trek-specific, comics, etc.) with or without costumes. Why? Because being in a fan club should be fun!

But we aren’t just a bunch of crazy, fun-loving Trekkies; we also put a priority on doing some good in the world. If you see us hosting a table at a convention, stop by and say hi – we’ll be relaxing, joking around with the folks around us, and very likely selling some cool Star Trek stuff for charity.

What does 'Cor clavis victoriae' mean?
This is the motto of Fleet 31, and is Latin for “Heart is the key to victory.” It reflects on our humanitarian goals, and even more importantly, reminds us always to persevere, even when life seems impossible to manage. Fleet 31 is a family, which means there’s always someone to talk to. Besides, if we’re going to spend the effort to help complete strangers, there’s no reason we can’t stop to help one another now and then.
Is Fleet 31 a non-profit organization?
There seems to be some confusion about what this means, so let’s clear that up: To be a non-profit organization, we would have to pay fees and file a bunch of paperwork with the government, and then hire people on to watch our books to make sure everything is accounted for – including their pay. Given this information, it’s easy to see why we haven’t tried to become a legally recognized non-profit organization. Frankly, until those numbers drop pretty close to zero, we would rather just donate that money to charity instead of wasting it on a piece of paper that says we do.

When we collect money or goods for charity, we then take that directly to the charity. If you have a charity you would like to see us support, please contact us, and let us know!

How is Fleet 31 funded?
Fleet 31 is free to join, plain and simple; you spend enough money on bills already, not to mention events, costumes, and that action figure collection you’re afraid to tell your friends about. So when we need funds, we just ask for a general collection from the crew, and that’s enough to keep us running without just taking your money whether we need it or not. As the fleet has grown, we’ve found this to be an effective means of funding, since we can get most of our assets at a low cost, and we don’t need much in the way of assets to keep things running.
Are costumes required?
Absolutely not. No long answer here, just “no.”
Are there costuming 'standards'?
Yes and no. Costuming is not our number one priority, but it certainly is a lot of fun, so with that spirit, we don’t have any specific restrictions on what costumes you can or can’t wear to events. We don’t think it’s necessary to set up any sort of “costumes approval” system through any committee or protocol. In fact, we don’t require that you wear or even have a uniform to join us for any event ever. Got a non-Trek costume you want to wear? Wear it! Our only enforced restriction applies to our own custom uniform design, the Monster Grays; this uniform variant was designed by our original Fleet Commander Cam Wilkinson, so we’re very particular about the fit and details of that one.

As a general rule for costumes (Star Trek or otherwise), we just ask that your choice of costume be appropriate to the venue, since our appearance directly applies to our reputation. It’s worth noting here that one of our side goals as an organization is to prove that it’s possible to acquire a truly high-quality costume (or prop) at an affordable price. As for where we get our uniforms… that’s a question for your local CO! No, seriously, it’s hard to keep updated lists posted for everything.

Is the USS _____ part of Fleet 31?
If you’d like to know what ships are where, we’d like to invite you to take a look at our Chapters page. If it isn’t there, it isn’t ours.
What chapter do I join?
Don’t worry, everything you need is on our How to Join page, even if you aren’t near a chapter!
What about dual memberships?
We are more than happy to share members with other Star Trek fan groups, as long as you still adhere to our Code of Conduct and give the local Fleet 31 Commanding Officer a heads-up.
Does Fleet 31 make public appearances?
You bet! And even better, we don’t charge for it. If you feel like you really need to pay someone, you can choose to donate that money toward furnishing resources for growing chapters, or donating the money directly to your favorite charity. Really, we aren’t greedy folks. If you’re wanting to arrange a public appearance with Fleet 31, there aren’t any request forms or anything. Just contact the nearest Commanding Officer or Sector Commander, and they’ll be more than happy to handle the details with you.
How do I join Fleet 31?
We’ve got “detailed instructions” on how to join us here. We’ve tried to make it as easy as humanly possible, so there’s no excuse not to join!