Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to those who have passed away. Fleet 31 wants to honor those who have served with the fleet. Below is a list of members who have passed on beyond this life. If you know of anyone who has passed away, and was apart of Fleet 31, please reach out to the administration team, and we will get their name added to this memorial page.

If you want to add a testimonial to anyone on this page that you knew, please reach out to anyone on the adminstration team.

To our fallen fleet members, this page is dedicated to you.

Commodore Julia Sonney
Captain Andy E. Lutz
Testimonial: J. L. Galloway
Captain Andrew E. Lutz better known to his friends as Andy. Was a kind hearted man, that had a love and passion for Star Trek and people in general.

Andy was one of the kindest souls I knew.

On 02//02/2017 I wrote this on Andy’s Facebook Wall, to express how I felt and how much I would miss my dear friend Andy.

RIP Andy Lutz, I will deeply and truly miss you and will cherish the time we spent at Star Trek Las Vegas this past year. Your more than a fellow fleet mate, your a friend!

I will miss talking with you on the internet and over the phone. I can not imagine this world without you, and hurts to think about it.

I have never met anyone, with the amount of love, dedication and passion for star trek and for people in general. There was nothing you would not do for a friend.

I am going to miss you my friend! —


Vice Admiral J. L. Galloway
Fleet 31 Commanding Officer
USS Moorhead, Commanding

Testimonial: Scott Sterling
My best friend Andy Lutz passed away yesterday.

I will truly miss you. You’re more than just a friend you are family. There is a new star in the sky tonight shinning over us all. As Michael A Malomay said, “Andy had two speeds full blast and sleep”. I’ve known Andy over 15 years and that is so true. He was the type of person that would give the shirt off his back to help anyone and was always there for those who just wanted to chat or someone to listen.

Our friendship began with four words “I like your uniform”. I first met him at Star Trek Las Vegas (STLV) and was headed to a concert one night when he stopped me to say that. Who would’ve know those four words would lead to a lifelong friendship. I will always cherish the time we had together both at STLV and when just hanging out either talking or playing Star Trek Online.

You are now among the great bird of the galaxy…Godspeed and LLAP.

Rest in peace my friend.


Captain Scott Sterling
USS Syber, Commanding

Testimonial: Ed O'Connell
Yesterday Trek fandom lost one of our own. Andy Lutz passed away suddenly at home. Andy was Captain of the USS Nightshade, the Pueblo, CO chapter of Fleet 31.

I had the honor of serving along side him till I left the Fleet.

Godspeed on your final journey Captain, you will be missed.


Rear Admiral Ed O’Connell
USS Growler, Commanding

Lieutenant Mike Anderson