Honorary Ambassador Program

This section is a work in progress and will eventually have individual profiles of each recipient.

seal of fleet 31
At the recent Star Trek Las Vegas 2015 event Captain Michael Malomay of our Seattle ship, the USS Veracity, launched a new Honorary Ambassador Program.






About the Program from Captain Malomay:
“The idea for Ambassador certificates is from my experience in the military, “ataboy” awards are recognition for exceptional deeds that deserve to be publicly recognized.  Honorary Fleet 31 Ambassador is a way to avoid who gets LT, CMDR, LTCDR, CAPT, ADM titles. It is more a way to convey a sense of honor without the politics of rank. The design was provided by Lt. Cmdr Nicholas Scott (Erie, Pa chapter USS Crystal Point) and I provided the text for the award after I asked Mr Scott about graphics. ”

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