Membership Contract

This contract shall serve as aid in the accurate assessment of Fleet 31 total and regional membership, as agreement between the undersigned (henceforth “Member”) and Fleet 31 on the terms of membership, and as protection for other Members and intellectual property of Fleet 31.


Membership Requirements

Currently, there are no age restrictions to become a Member of Fleet 31. However, the Member must be willing and able to honor the Personal Code of Conduct outlined at No fees or dues are required of any Member to join or continue membership in Fleet 31.


Membership Privileges

Though one does not necessarily need to be a Member to join Fleet 31 activities, Fleet 31 Members are extended open invitation to all Fleet 31 activities and events, with option to bring guests at the discretion of the local Commanding Officer (henceforth “CO”). In addition, the Member may use the Fleet 31 name and imagery as authorized, and in a manner consistent with the Fleet 31 Code of Conduct. (In cases where Fleet 31 imagery may be sold, it is the responsibility of the appropriate senior or commanding officer to grant or deny authorization and/or to direct the funds gained by such sales.) The Member may also, at CO’s discretion, plan and execute events on behalf of Fleet 31.


Termination of Membership

If a Member wishes to leave Fleet 31, this may be accomplished through emailing or otherwise privately notifying the CO.

If a Member is found to be in extreme or repeated breach of the Personal Code of Conduct, membership may be administratively terminated by the CO following discussion with the Member.

In the event of membership termination, the Member may be required to turn over symbols of Fleet 31, including but not limited to Fleet 31 badges or decals, to the CO. If the Member owns a Fleet 31 Monster Gray uniform, he or she would be strongly encouraged to turn it over as well; in an extreme case where ill intent might be expected, the Member may be required to turn over the uniform. For any and all items turned over, the Member will be reimbursed in an amount to be determined by the CO or appointed representative according to quality, condition, and original price or labor involved in the acquisition or creation of the items.

Founder’s Note: The Termination of Membership clause is designed to keep us from getting into hot legal soup. Enforcement of this clause is dependent on the CO and reason for the Member’s departure. We expect neither to need nor use it; it’s there just in case it becomes absolutely necessary.