Senior Staff – USS Dragonstar

This page contains a brief listing of the names and biographical information of the senior staff of the USS Dragonstar, the Tigard, OR chapter of Fleet 31. More information will be added as it becomes available.

To inquire about or join this chapter, please contact the CO.

Senior Staff

Captain Birdena Robinson
Commanding Officer


The hobbies I enjoy the most are Hiking, watching star trek, going to Vegas on a regular basis, and trips to the beach. I also enjoy spending time with all my grandchildren.


Currently I am the Chief Tactical Officer of the U.S.S. Moorhead, but I am interested in becoming a chapter leader and commanding my own starship. I have spoken to Commander of the Moorhead (my son) and once we get the chapter fully operational, I plan on starting up my own chapter within this fleet, so I hope to join the CO’s Council within the fleet.

Why did I join?

My son Jay Galloway is a fan of a podcast show called “Priority One Podcast” which to my understanding is a show that focus on Star Trek Online. Jay and his friend Michael Gmirkin decided to start up a local chapter. Liked his friend Michael I was drafted by Jay to join.

I was already a fan of Star Trek, and I wanted to do more in the Star Trek community. When Jay approached me, he drafted me, I was eager to join. I use to role play (Writing) a while back in community and I wanted to get back into it.

What interests you most about Star Trek Fandom?

I remember watching Star Trek on television during the rerun syndication when I was a teenager. I became a fan of the show. I really appreciated the message and the meaning of the show. I love the comradery and diversity of the crew was a big attraction for me.

I loved the idea of a better society were we all strive to come together. Beyond the show though I really liked and appreciated the fans of Star Trek and how everyone is so welcoming.

I have been a part of Fleet 31 since last year and really have enjoyed my time with the fleet.

Other Fleet 31 Command Staff Local to This Chapter

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