Senior Staff – Drydock #03104

Once completed, this page will contain brief biographical information on the senior staff of the Fleet 31 chapter forming in Boston, MA.


Senior Staff

Lt. Nick Wollert
Commanding Officer
Currently I work sales for Verizon Wireless full time. In the past I have run summer camps and started an adventure camp for teens. I’ve also worked in IT as well as done web design. For higher education I took mostly general education but then focused on computer courses and Microsoft certifications. I’ve also taken some EMS classes, and I’ve been a lifeguard. In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors – swimming, camping, hiking etc. I also larp about once a month.
I grew up on Star Trek, watching TNG during the afternoon and staying up until midnight to catch TOS reruns. Later on I got hooked on Voyager. I’m also a big fan of the classic movies.