Senior Staff – USS Moorhead

This page contains a brief listing of the names and biographical information of the senior staff of the USS Moorhead, the Beaverton, OR chapter of Fleet 31. More information will be added as it becomes available.

To inquire about or join this chapter, please contact the CO.

Senior Staff

Vice Admiral J. L. Galloway
Commanding Officer



When I was younger I would have said sports, but today I prefer to go on hikes, camping, volunteer work, photography (Very Armature), canoeing, white-water rafting, recently going to conventions and starting to get very interested in cosplay.

Why did I join?

Fleet 31 has always appealed to me because of its mission statement:

To Promote Star Trek and a Better Future” ~ “….giving back and reaching out to the community through volunteer charity work and community service.”

I believe in the ideals and principles of Star Trek and promote them in my daily life. To that end I do a lot of volunteer work with Boyscouts of America, Cubscouts of America, Girlscouts of America.

I created this chapter to continue to pursue my goals of making a better future. Our chapter will focus on charity work, cosplay, and attending conventions. We have reached out to the local hospitals and will provide knitted newborn hats on a regular basis. We are also looking at adopting a family each year in need in order to give them a better future and a good Christmas. We are also looking at the possibility of starting a donation drive to get school supplies to local charitable groups to help kids with low income.

I found fleet31 by listening to a podcast show called “Priority One Podcast” which the host known as “Cookie Cup Cakes” talked about the mission statement of this fleet. I asked her for the fleet website and reached out to Cameron Wilkerson and asked to join and create a local chapter in Oregon.

Beaverton Chapter had a slow beginning!

The U.S.S. Moorhead the starship for the local Beaverton, Oregon Chapter of Fleet 31 had a very slow start to its creation. It was founded in 2014 but did not go active till 2016, part of the reason was prior obligations that were work related and geographical location. In January of 2016 I asked for a transfer of geographical locations and that seemed to resolve the issue. The Chapter went active on 01/18/2016.

What interests you most about Star Trek Fandom?

I have watched Star Trek since I was a little boy with my Mother. It all started for me with the Original Series on Saturday Morning’s. When Star Trek: The Next Generation came on the air I was hooked. Since a young age I pretended that I was the night shift helmsman of the USS Enterprise-D. I use to imagine that Wesley Crusher recruited me in and I was his friend off the tv, later after he left I use to pretend that Captain Picard became my mentor.

The part of I love most about star trek is its diversity and how all the races can come together in a mutual goal to work out their problems. Well at least in the Federation. It showed me a world where we have a chance to have a better life.

I had a chaotic childhood with the a lot emotional turmoil. It was Star Trek that I looked to for stability and taught me how to work out my issues in a peaceful manner and how to overlook certain things. I took the skills I learned in the shows and applied them to my daily life.

Commander Michael Gmirkin
Executive Officer/Acting Commanding Officer


Favorite Hobbies?

In no particular order other than the order I’ve put them in: Astronomy, maths, laser tag (Lazer Tag Team Ops [outdoor], LaserForce [arena]), nerding out on media (TV shows / movies), nerding out in general, video games (Star Trek Online, SW:TOR, classic GameCube titles), sci-fi & weird fiction (HP Lovecraft, et al), photography (amateur / prosumer), photo editing and image manipulation (GIMP), the occasional cosplay (primarily Halloween, but also at ST:LV 2016, finally).

Why did I join?

I was drafted into service by my long-time friend and compatriot in ‘Trek. I’ve also been a fan of ‘Trek for a long time (TOS, animated, TNG, DS9 Voyager, Enterprise, Movies, STO). I’ve also been part of a couple fleets in Star Trek Online…

What interests me most about Star Trek Fandom?

I suppose I find camaraderie in common interests and common cause. I also enjoy the ‘Trek culture, nerd culture in general. It’s nice to have folks with common interests to interact & nerd out with. So, I suppose it’s a bit about community…

As to what I like more generally about ‘Trek, I suppose it’s the general ethos of Trek. It’s egalitarian, it is tolerant of and actively promotes diversity. It proposes that humanity and society can progress beyond its current limitations to a more Utopian society, where all races, and indeed all sentient/higher species are treated as equals, where basic needs are met, and people can devote themselves to the things that need to be done, or to be explored, or to be invented, rather than merely attempting to ‘not die’ on a day-to-day basis, amidst a tiny plot of mud, rock, water, sheltered by little more than piles of large sticks, cleverly fastened together. It proposes that we can transcend our earthly limitations and live amongst the stars, becoming citizens of the broader universe. In some regard it gives us a higher perspective, and purpose, as well as giving us something to aspire to.

Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Fitzgerald
Chief Science Officer/Acting First Officer


Why did I join?

I learned about the fleet from my husband (U.S.S. Moorhead, Commanding Officer) and saw his passion for this group. When we started to talk about creating a local chapter he initially wanted me for the role of Counselor. However after reading the description of the science officer I asked for that role instead. I love the idea of volunteer work, and I want to be able to help out.

I suggested I would be better suited as a science officer, and I have ideas on how best to capitalize on that role. I love to loom (knit) as a hobby and I can easily make newborn hats to donate and was already talking to my Husband that we should do that since we have so much yarn. He agreed and gave me the role as Chief Science Officer.

During my conversation, we also discussed the idea of taking on a family in need each year for the holidays. I loved the idea and suggested if we can to start a donation drive to bring kids in need school supplies for back to school event.

I look forward to working with this fan group and getting the donation and charity portion going. Like my husband I love to assist the community and promote the ideals of a better life. Besides this I am also involved with my Son’s Cubscout Pack and my Daughters, Girl Scout Troop.

What interest you most in the Star Trek Fandom?

I discovered I was a fan of Star Trek when I started to watch Star Trek Voyager. I like the strong female presence in a star trek show. I liked the characters of Seven of Nine and Captain Janeway. I loved the constant struggles that Seven of Nine had to go through and how Janeway was there to help her on her path to find humanity. Watching both characters grow was a big draw for me.

Star Trek Voyager like the other Star Trek shows was about showing a world that as a society we can grow and evolve into a better society. I love the analogy on how they portrayed that from the crew interaction with the Doctor and Seven of Nine and how they helped both of those character adapt and better themselves as a result. I really like the role that Captain Janeway played in it.

Crew of the USS Moorhead

Cadet Nathaniel R
Engineering Division

Cadet Kaylee R
Command Division