Fleet 31 Monster Grays – Variants

This page exists to list all permissible variants to the Fleet 31 Monster Grays. Click images for full-size versions.

Skant Variation:

This variant is a longer version of the standard, worn without pants, and with longer boots as described in the “Boots” section below. Light or near-skintone hose may be worn with the skant, but are not required. In addition to the four snaps holding the standard jacket together, two more snaps are used in front at the height of the cuff stripes (when the arms are at the side) to hold the overlapping panels together for the sake of modesty.

It is also permissible to replace the shirt with a leotard-type garment, as long as the collar and sleeves remain in line with the standard design. Shorts that are not visible under the skant may be worn as desired, to enable the wearer to remove the jacket without showing off a little too much.

Admiral’s Variation:

The differences between this and the standard version are few, but detailed. The cuff stripe is double the width of the standard’s, and is flanked by gold trim. This type of trim appears to form a series of arrows; these arrows should point toward the center of the uniform when viewed from the front. The same gold trim appears pointing downward on top of the bias tape along the edge of the forward layer of the jacket from the lower edge (but not around the lower edge) up around the collar and ending above the left shoulder snap that holds the layers together. The trim is also applied in the same direction on the underside of the bias tape from just below the belt up to the left shoulder seam, such that it is visible when folding the flap down. The rank insignia of the appropriate level of admiralty is worn on both sides of the collar. The ranks are also worn on the cuff stripes, perpendicular to the ground, placed on the exact opposite side of the cuff as the seam, and centered vertically within the stripe.

The standard version of the Monster Grays calls for straight-leg black slacks. These may be worn either slightly too short, so as to avoid a break at the ankle, or with the TNG ankle split. Black cargo pants may be worn by engineers, and physical sciences researchers only, though they are not preferred.

The preference for boot design is a laceless boot with no outwardly visible hardware or tread, with a separate heel piece from the forefoot. In other words, they should be as close as possible to the boots in TNG. However, due to cost for boots of that design, simple black boots of other designs are allowable when worn under black slacks or cargoes (as approved). When wearing the skant variant, tall black boots without laces or outwardly visible hardware should be worn, with the top reaching just above mid-calf, as seen in the picture of the skant variant above; the boots may be heels (may not be stilettos), wedges, or flats.