Ship Commission: USS SEEKER, NCC-52401

Attention Fleet 31 crew in Savannah, Georgia!

The Steamrunner Class starship USS Seeker, NCC-52401 has been commissioned within Fleet 31. The Seeker is our second chapter within Georgia and is Commanded by Lieutenant Commander Rose Rothenford. The Ship is also the First Steamrunner Class to serve in the Fleet.

Join me in welcoming the Seeker.

All Savannah, Georgia area crew, please report to Lieutenant Commander Rose Rothenford unless otherwise instructed.
Thank you.

Ship Commission: USS ASSINDIA, NCC-23483

Attention Fleet 31 crew in Essen, Germany!

The Nebula Class starship USS Assindia, NCC-23483 has been commissioned within Fleet 31. The Assindia is our first Ship within the country of Germany and is Commanded by Commander Chris Lemke.

Join me in welcoming the Assindia.

All Essen, Germany area crew, please report to Commander Chris Lemke unless otherwise instructed.
Thank you.

From the Fleet Commander

Hello Fleet 31,

Well we’re now 2 months into the Fleet year and I’m happy to report that things are moving along. To be honest, it’s not as quickly as I’d hoped, but when you have a large diverse group you have to learn to roll with the punches. I’m quite proud of the progress our fleet has made none the less. We continue to forge ahead day after day and I’m happy that we are being noticed. I’ve been getting emails from organizations in New York, Texas, and Florida asking for our help with events. This is a great way to serve the community, increase knowledge of the fleet, and best of all recruit.

Presently the Command council is deliberating the Fleet Wide Major Emphasis Project. This is a project designed to bring the fleet together to work on a common cause. It won’t supplant what your are doing right now, but it will augment your chapter’s program. I believe it will add to the flavor of the Fleet as a whole. The projects being considered, after several weeks of nominations are: Environmental Cleanup, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and Project Linus. Each one of these causes is worthy of our time and attention. Please let your Commander Officer know which project you prefer so when it comes to vote in the very near future, your voice will be heard.

Starting this month, in an effort to track our fleet wide goals, I’ve started a monthly reporting process. Nothing too intensive. One Page that covers the areas we have outlined. These reports are essential to the leadership of Fleet 31 in keeping tabs on how active we all are and what help and assistance each ship needs. It’s just another way to keep the lines of communication open. I look forward to seeing what the ships do each month.

Also included with the Monthly Report is an area designed to recognize Fleet 31 members at the Fleet Level. It’s my hope that we will be able to institute a Fleet awards system in order to give a pat on the back to those officers and crew that exemplify the very mission of Fleet 31. Each month I’ll pour over the reports and those that are nominated by the Ship’s CO will be give some as yet undetermined kudos. It’s my hope that this takes off and becomes a regular occurrence and maybe even trickles down to the ship level by ships creating their own recognition programs.

That’s about all I have for this month I’ll leave you with this. Fleet 31 has the potential to make someone smile each and every day. You are that potential. Hold that door open, help a neighbor, pay for the person behind you in the drive thru. Random acts of kindness can change the world and as Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. CorClavisVictoriae!

VADM Richard Smith

Commander, Fleet 31

Fleet 31 Change of Command

Computer, Establish a link with all Fleet 31 Ships, Drydocks and Starbase 31.
(Computer voice) “Link established
 Attention to Orders
To Rear Admiral, Upper Edward T O’Connell, Commanding Officer, Fleet 31. As of 1 March, 2016, you are hereby requested and required to relinquish command of your Fleet to Rear Admiral, Lower Richard Smith, Commanding Officer, USS Crystal Point. Signed, Commander, Starfleet, United Federation of Planets.

By Order of Commander, Starfleet, The Fleet Flag is herby transferred from USS Growler to USS Crystal Point.

Also, by Order of Commander Starfleet, Rear Admiral, Lower Richard Smith is hereby Promoted to the Rank of Rear Admiral, Upper, with all the duties and privileges of that rank, for the duration of his service as Fleet Commander of Fleet 31
Computer, transfer all command codes to Richard Smith. Voice authorization: O’Connell Sigma 201
(Computer Voice) Transfer complete. Fleet 31 now under command of RADM Richard Smith.
Also, By Order of Commander, Starfleet, RADM Edward O’Connell is Demoted to the Rank of Captain. And Ordered to resume Command of the USS Growler, the Position and Rank he held prior to Assuming Command of Fleet 31, as required by Fleet Regulations.
End Transmission

Ship Commission: USS Constellation, NCC-71855

Attention Fleet 31 crew in Champaign, Illinios!

The Sovereign Class starship USS Constellation, NCC – 71855 has elected to join Fleet 31. The Constellation also serves in SFI. The Ship will contiunue to be commanded by Captain Steven Parmley

Join me in welcoming the Constellation.

All Champaign area crew, please report to Captain Steven Parmley  unless otherwise instructed.
Thank you.

Join Fleet 31 at the Official NY Comic Con’s Star Trek Meet-up

NYCC_MeetupFrom the Fleet Communications Officer:

If you are attending New York Comic Con today there will be an OFFICIAL NYCC Star Trek Meetup activity at 2:45pm Sponsored by Reedpop and for all Star Trek fans! Free swag! Pictures and fun!
Join the Facebook Event Page

ED_FleetIDPlease join us in room 1E03 on the Lower Level at 2:45pm
Hosted by Darlena Marie Cosplays and Michael Nguyen of NYC Away Team!


Join the Fleet Commander at New York Comic Con

seal of fleet 31From the Fleet Communications Officer:
We hope everyone is having a fun and safe time at New York Comic Con this year and we invite you to join Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Ed O’Connell today for two specific Star Trek fan meet ups. This post concerns the 12pm Star Trek fan group photos.


RADM and Cadet O’Connell

Fleet Commander O’Connell will be representing our New York City ship as well, the USS Growler and members of our crew will be on hand.

The Annual NYCC group picture for those in Star Trek costume will take place at the entrance to Artist Alley.
Click here for an Interactive NYCC Floor Plan
Stay tuned to our comm channels via Facebook and Twitter (@Fleet_31) for any further details:
Please be on time! All
costumed fans welcome, all ships, all groups.
Thanks and LLAP!


Starbase 31 is now open for Operations

Attention Fleet 31 crew!

SB31The Fleet 31 is proud to announce the Creation of our First Correspondence Chapter Starbase 31 This will be the home for anyone joining the Fleet in an area that does not currently have a Ship or Drydock (chapter in the making)

The Station will be commanded by Commander Kinter Lou Taurog

All Unassigned crew, please report to Commander Taurog unless otherwise instructed.
Thank you.

Star Trek Las Vegas 2015 Report

Star Trek Las Vegas (STLV)  2015 Report

Veracity_logoby Captain Michael Malomay

Fleet 31 Western Sector Commander

Commanding Officer Seattle Fleet 31 Chapter USS Veracity

(All Pictures Courtesy of Captain Michael Malomay and Veracity Ships Counselor Karen Malomay)

Star Trek Las Vegas is an annual 4-day pilgrimage, Thursday to Sunday, for thousands of Trek fans, young and old. Our Seattle based Fleet 31 ship USS CaptMal_CounselorVeracity were represented at this year’s convention, which included myself, Counselor Karen Malomay, Michele Celich-Tactical Officer, Cadet Cole Malomay, and USS Syber Capt Scot Sterling CO, Andy Lutz XO, Noel Lee Verlarde CMO as well as personnel from Starbase PortlandJay Galloway, Jamie Snyder, and Michelle Wells.

There were notable absentees this year including Leonard Nimoy and Grace Lee WhitneySpock and Yeoman Rand respectively and with respect.

Fleet_BannerSTLVWe met up with additional Fleet 31 personnel for a photo-op premiering our Fleet 31, USS Veracity, and UFP banners by the StarFleet symbol at the main entrance.

There were props for photo-ops The Guardian of Forever, transporter pad, Borg alcove and TOS bridge. We attended screenings of both Star Trek: Renegades and Star Trek Continues “The White Iris” episode. Veracity_Captain_Guardian

We also had a chance to present Vic Mignogna (Kirk) and Michele Specht (Doctor McKenna) of Star Trek Continues with Honorary Fleet 31 Ambassador certificates and a Fleet 31 commbadge. (A full report is forthcoming)

The panels were tremendous- especially the Voyager panel, TNG, and the DS9 Rat Pack show, where the DS9 alumni do Las Vegas-inspired musical parodies full of DS9 references.

Star Trek Continues Presented with honorary Fleet memberships

Star Trek Continues Presented with Honorary Fleet memberships

We had numerous inquiries about our uniforms and noticed half a dozen people take pictures of our banners so it wouldn’t surprise me if we get some new member requests. This year seemed to be confusing and disorganized don’t know if that was more me or the convention. I know how expensive conventions are with airfare, hotel, tickets, food, so I know it takes planning and saving money but this convention is one of the biggest in Star Trek fandom. If at all possible find a way to get to Las Vegas.

Counselor_Beracity_BorgThere were cosplayers galore this year Borg, Vulcan, Capt Pike, Ferengi, Andorians all were represented. My wife, son and I were Ferengi and Redshirts this year with some surprises next year.

Captain Michael A Malomay, USS Veracity, CO, sends