What is IDIC Social?

If you’re on this page, maybe you’ve heard something about IDIC Social from one of our members. Or maybe you found us on your own because you’ve gone boldly in exploration of your passions.

In either case, it’s our way of celebrating the Vulcan philosophy of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination, or IDIC (pronounced IH-dik).

So what is it?

IDIC Social is the latest iteration of Fleet 31’s ever-evolving community, a full fledge social media platform for sharing about life, the universe, and everyt– I mean…

On IDIC Social, you can share in the general chat about Star Trek, other great sci-fi, hobbies, cosplay, crafts (including buying and selling!), even the day-to-day happenings of your world.

We’re also using the platform as a way to keep our members connected for events and planning, because some things are just better in person. Want to go to a convention with an away team? How about engaging in a Klingon hand-to-hand combat tournament? Or maybe you heard about a 5K and want to challenge others to join you. Whatever it is you do, you can find some people to join you here.

How do I join?

Right now, IDIC is only available to join by invitation. If you know a member, have them send you an invite. If you don’t know a member, you can always email us at admin@idicsocial.com and let us know you’re interested!

…but why?

Because we aren’t a corporation. Fleet 31 and IDIC Social are independently run, with no shareholders, no duesno ads, and no algorithm. Just a community of people.